Removing messages when the mail client downloads then from the mail server

This KB is intended to provide guidance on how to setup common email clients to remove mail from the mail server when it’s downloaded to the client device. This is a generic guide and will work for most newer versions of the mail clients. Your specific mail client configuration may differ from this guide.

Microsoft Outlook

You can configure Microsoft Outlook so that when you switch between folders, any items you have marked for deletion are purged from the mail server.

  • From the File menu choose Account Settings.
  • Select the account you wish to edit by double clicking the account or highlighting it and selecting Change
  • From the bottom right of the Internet E-mail Settings page select More Settings.
  • On the Advanced tab you will find the check box to "Leave a copy of the Message on the Server"
  • Uncheck this box if it isn't already unchecked



Apple iOS

Although an e-mail message does not appear in the iOS inbox, it may still on the mail server.  You can verify this yourself by checking the e-mail account through Webmail at or another client application other than iOS.

To resolve this problem, follow these steps on the iOS device:

  • On the home screen, tap Settings, and then tap Mail, Contacts, and then Calendars.
  • Under Accounts, tap the account that you want to modify.
  • Under IMAP, tap the account name.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then tap ‘Advanced’.
  • Under ‘Mailbox Behaviors’, tap ‘Deleted Mailbox’.
  • Under On the Server, tap ‘Trash’.
  • On the top menu bar, tap ‘Advanced’, tap ‘Account’, and then tap ‘Done’. Any messages that you delete on iOS are now also deleted on the mail server.




Due to the different versions of Android and the many mail clients that can be used on android devices you may need to contact your provider if you need assistance in finding the location of this advanced setting.

  • Access your mail application and choose the option (typically a Menu button) where you will be able to see more settings.
  • From the settings screen you will want to choose Account settings.
  • From the account settings screen, you will select Incoming Settings
  • From there you will find the settings to "Delete Email from Server"

Article ID: 365, Created On: 6/19/2014, Modified: 6/20/2014