With the release of IIS7 and the FTP Publishing Service, Microsoft introduced their first secure FTP service.  All Windows Server 2008 and above servers at ORCS Web have this service installed and available for use.  If you have a dedicated server with us you may need a rule added at the perimeter firewall before it will work, which will gladly add free of charge.

While there are a number of FTP clients that support "FTP over TLS/SSL" (FTPS) ORCS Web highly recommends the use of Filezilla.  This is a free open source FTP client that supports Windows, OS X and Linux, and both FTPS standards (implicit and explicit).  While the following steps are designed for Filezilla they can be used as a baseline to configure any FTP client that supports FTPS (a.k.a. FTPeS/FTPiS).

  1. Download and install Filezilla.

  1. From the top menu in Filezilla select File > Site Manager...  You can also press Ctrl+S on the keyboard or click the Site Manager icon () below the File menu.

  1. Click the New Site button and add a name for the site.

  1. In the General tab you can enter either the domain name or IP address of the FTP site.
        General tab example (fig. 3.)

  1. By default we use FTP over explicit TLS/SSL as the "Server Type:" which uses the standard port 21 to initiate the connection and then a random port between 4901 and 4910 for the secure transfer.  If FTP over implicit TLS/SSL was setup on the firewall as your "Server Type:" use port 990.  Implicit is used primarily when port 21 is blocked or a technical challenge requires a port other than 21 be used for secure FTP.

  1. Change the "Logon Type:" to Normal if you want Filezilla to remember both your user name and password, Ask for password if you only want your user name remembered.

  1. Fill in the User information, and Password information if you are using the Normal logon type. If your FTP user account is a domain user, which is common for dedicated servers, make sure the "OW\" prefix is added to the user name.  For example, if the username in your welcome email has OW\ before it then you should use OW\ when signing in to FTP.  If you use shared hosting or set up the account on the dedicated server yourself then you should not add OW\.

  1. Please use the default settings on the other tabs in Site Manager.

  1. Click the Connect button at the bottom of the Site Manager to start the FTP connection.  The information you have added to Site Manager will automatically be saved.

  1. Once you connect to the server a certificate window will appear.  By default we use a server self-signed certificate for secure FTP.  The FTP client will not automatically trust the certificate but when you accept the certificate the data transfers will still be secure. You can select the "Always trust certificate in future sessions" checkbox if you do wish the see the certificate dialog with future connections.  Click OK to complete the connection.
        Filezilla certificate warning
(fig. 4. Portions blacked out for security purposes)

Article ID: 307, Created On: 3/31/2010, Modified: 5/24/2012